Agile IT Modernization

Cloud Realization and Process Automation with exponential business benefits

Automation enabled services with sustainable efficiency and productivity

With Cloud Realization, enterprises realize an agile environment to rapidly innovate and introduce new differentiated software application products and services. Ongoing, Zensar’s automation digital business platform, The VinciTM_, integrates an enterprises multi-management tool environments to infuse automation, orchestration and machine learning into IT Service Management and Operations, Cloud Operations and Service Brokering, and Release Management. Resulting business benefits include up to 60% Cost Savings, 30% Productivity and 30% Acceleration in Service Delivery.

Key Performance Indicators

Automation Enabled

The degree in which manual processes can be automated provides an indication to what degree a process will be optimized and result in business benefits. Automation allows for process to be exponentially improved, both by doing things faster and with less chance of human error.

Total Cost of Consumption

Total Cost of consumption is relevant to Cloud economics where infrastructure is not owned (therefore replacing the TCO calculation) and focus is applied by measuring the cost of developing and managing the application and the consumption of IT resource by the business and that consumption’s impact on the business P&L.


Time measures the ability for clients to manage workloads, be it in terms of addressing issues, as measured by the time to restore/recover a service, introducing new services, as captured in the time to introduce new applications, or commissioning or de-commissioning IT resources like virtual machines. Time has a direct impact on a companies’ ability to be cost competitive and differentiate its services. Through automation, orchestration and machine learning, Zensar significantly reduces the time requirement.

Quality of Service

While products and services may be delivered faster and cheaper, if the product or services performance is lacking, then these benefits are meaningless. The quality of the services IT delivers needs to improve along with cost and time. Quality of Service can be measured in multiple ways depending on the context which is most important to the business process (i.e. for manufacturing the number of defects per millions of manufacturing iterations; process automation for the manufacturing process would speed up, lower cost, and reduce the number of errors created by automating manual activities).

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