Today’s selling organizations face unprecedented competition. To successfully compete in today’s environment selling organization’s focus is on three key areas: sales planning, sales prospecting, and sales rep productivity. These organizations continuously look for different avenues to achieve higher levels of effectiveness and efficiencies to deliver more revenue with the same resources.

Oracle Sales Cloud delivers wide range of functionalities built for sales executives and sales reps to help them produce better results and attain / exceed their revenue goals.

The Oracle Sales Cloud Fixed Scope Offering (FSO) from ZENSAR Technologies is designed by incorporating leading practices to provide a Fast Track implementation and get clients up &running on Oracle Sales Cloud quickly, reliably with minimum risk.

Key Capabilities

  • Components covered under Oracle Sales Cloud FSO Offering: ZENSAR’s Sales Cloud Fixed Scope implementation Offering covers key functionalities such as Sales planning and Forecasting; Lead, Opportunity, Territory Management; Mobility and Microsoft Outlook integrations and transactional Business Intelligence.
  • FSO Implementation Methodology: ZENSAR’s Sales Cloud FSO combines benefits of ZENSAR’s rich CRM experience and Oracle’s OUM, proven and tested methodology for cloud implementations, for quicker deployment of solution at lower risk and maximize the ROI.
  • Tools and Accelerators: ZENSAR’s Sales Cloud FSO leverages the tools and Accelerators (e.g. Configuration template, Data loading templates, Test cases etc) specifically designed for Sales Cloud implementation to ensure quicker deployments.
  • ZENSAR’s Sales Cloud Centre Of Excellence and Lab: ZENSAR’s Sales Cloud FSO leverages the Centre Of Excellence for Oracle Sales Cloud and Lab for implementation quality assurance, support implementation team for quick issue resolutions and to build proof of concepts.

Business Value we Deliver

Sales Visibility:
Sales Dashboard delivers a comprehensive, graphical view of sales activities. It lets sales teams quickly and easily perform and track progress against day-to-day sales activities. In addition, with sophisticated embedded analytics, sales managers can gain insight into the effectiveness of individual and team sales execution across every opportunity.

Addresses revenue leakage by integrating territory and quota management to quickly and easily design, execute, and modify sales plans and monitor performance to plan

Process-driven structure to standardize, automate and simplify forecasting activities. This reduces the time required to build an initial forecast, and streamlines subsequent forecast refinement

Generate Higher Quality Leads
Sales Reps can generate higher quality leads based on information from past customer purchases, based on revenue potential, close probability, and estimated time to close.

Complete customer view to Sales team
Sales representatives can gain holistic customer view with one easily accessible resource. They gain an instant perspective on customer, including existing opportunities, updated organizational structure, key products and competitors, recent financial information as well as non “Sales” items that can deeply impact the sales cycle. This enables sale reps to have right conversations with the customers and sell effectively.

Improved Sales Force Productivity with Less Reporting, More Selling
Sales reps have the information they need at their fingertips, whether they are asking for help from fellow team members, leveraging competitive information gathered from past deals, or retrieving insight about a particular account. The Sales rep productivity is further increased by leveraging Mobile and Out Look integrations with Sales cloud.

Mobile devices Integrations
Calendar, Contacts, leads, Opportunities, Accounts, and Analytics can be quickly accessed from Mobile devices. With simple on-device actions, sales reps can view account team and customer information; initiate contextual actions such as sending email to all invitees on an event or calling a contact; and get driving directions. Interactions from mobile devices are automatically captured real-time in to the CRM application. Integrated access to leads and opportunities gives sales representatives the information they need at the point of customer engagement. This shortens the sales cycle and close deals while on the go.

Microsoft Outlook Integrations
Organizations require sales representatives to capture a lot of information about what they spend their time on to keep the entire team informed. Examples include:

  • Interactions between themselves and a customer or prospect, including notes and comments,
  • Regular updates to Opportunities,
  • Creating new Contact records to identify key players in the Account or Opportunity, and
  • Keeping all contact information (phone, address, email, etc.) up to date.

Integration with MS outlook allows sale reps to update this information in either Outlook or Oracle Sales Cloud and it is automatically shared with all team members, regardless of which interface they use to access the information. MS Outlook integration seamlessly transition from the office to on the move, and vastly improves system adoption by the sales reps and sales force productivity

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