Maintaining profitability is becoming more challenging for Today’s buying organizations in current dynamic global environment. Smart sourcing, controlling spends and Real time analytics are becoming key areas for organizations to maintain profitability.

Organizations are continuously focusing on streamlining procurement processes and optimize sourcing, centralized Procurement, Automation of Procurement Processes, gain control on spend and gain real time insights in to procurement operations.

Oracle Fusion Procurement cloud offers wide range of capabilities through it’s product offerings like Self Service Procurement, Purchasing, Sourcing, Supplier Portal, Supplier Qualification management and procurement & Spend analytics.

The Oracle Procurement Cloud Fixed Scope Offering (FSO) from ZENSAR Technologies is designed by incorporating leading practices to provide a Fast Track implementation and get clients up &running on Oracle Procurement Cloud quickly, reliably with minimum risk.

IT Solution

Fixed Scope Offering from Zensar Technologies covers following components of Fusion Procurement:

  • Self Service Procurement
  • Sourcing
  • Purchasing
  • Supplier Portal
  • Supplier Qualification Management
  • Procurement and Spend Analytics
Key Capabilities

Components covered under Oracle Procurement Cloud FSO Offering: ZENSAR’s Procurement Cloud Fixed Scope implementation offering covers key functionalities such as Requisition management, Request for Quotation, Blanket Purchase Agreements, Purchase Order life cycle management, goods/services receipts with unified Approvals, Budgetary control and encumbrance accounting and Business Intelligence.

FSO Implementation Methodology: ZENSAR’s Procurement Cloud FSO combines benefits of ZENSAR’s Procurement experience and Oracle’s OUM, proven and tested methodology for cloud implementations, for quicker deployment of solution at lower risk and maximize the ROI.

Tools and Accelerators: ZENSAR’s Procurement Cloud FSO leverages the tools and Accelerators (e.g. Configuration template, Data loading templates, Test cases etc) to ensure quicker deployments.

ZENSAR’s Procurement Cloud Centre Of Excellence and Lab: ZENSAR’s Procurement Cloud FSO leverages the Centre Of Excellence for Oracle Procurement Cloud and Lab for implementation quality assurance, support implementation team for quick issue resolutions and to build proof of concepts.

Business Values

Automate Procurement Process: Oracle Procurement Cloud enables you to automate and effectively manage the procurement Lifecycle and provide a robust work area for buying professionals to manage exceptions, automate transactions, increase productivity, and enforce compliance. Organizations can leverage supplier agreements to automate process from requisitions creations till communication of purchase orders to suppliers. Buying professionals spend less on day to transactions and spend more time on discovering and exploiting new savings opportunities.

Unified Approvals: Oracle Procurement cloud provides approval rules for variety of business process i.e. requisition approval, Purchase Order Approval, Request for Quotation Approval, Supplier Registration approval, Change Order approval etc. This in turn enhances the operational controls of business process owners and provides greater visibility.

Make Sourcing easier for everyone:Sourcing experts can leverage Oracle Procurement Cloud to tailor Request for Quote as per the organization needs and can collaborate with subject matter experts if inputs are needed. With the help of sourcing dashboard, sourcing expert can keep track of all negotiations on the negotiation calendar.

Budgetary Control and Encumbrance Accounting: Budgetary Control and Encumbrance accounting provides enhanced capability to control your spend at granular level. Budgetary control eliminates over spending by preventing the end user from submitting any transaction for approval if there are no sufficient funds available. While performing any transaction Requester and Buyer can see the budgets availability in advance.

Improved Supplier Collaboration: Supplier Portal enhances supplier collaborations capabilities and eliminates multiple communications channels e.g. Phone, email, fax. It gives access of a secure and integrated work area to your supplier. On the supplier dashboard, supplier can see the most recent information on Purchase Orders, Agreements, and Negotiations which helps them to keep track and respond on requirement easily additionally supplier can easily see the advance shipments notices and Invoices.

Procurement and Spend Analytics: Procurement and Spend Analytics delivers context specific real time analytics to make it more effective and improve productivity. The benefit is enhanced when this insight is delivered to management and users on their mobile devices so that they can make better and informed decisions any time, any where.

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