Unified IT Management integrates tools to enable a unified view to manage hybrid infrastructure with service automation, orchestration, and analytics.

Zensar’s Unified IT Management (UIM) solution unifies infrastructure and operations by mapping enterprise business services to mission critical applications and their underlying infrastructure. Alerts are filtered and correlated to ensure priority information is communicated in real-time.

Management platforms and processes are evaluated to capture, communicate and interpret information being messaged and to identify and consolidate redundancies. Integration and orchestration enables operations to immediately trace an incident’s cause, saving considerable time, money and effort.

UIM services include the following:
Service Management
Unified service management enables higher service predictability through self-provisioning, business service modelling and end to end environment management.
Service Analytics
IT operations are optimized through comprehensive analytics including intuitive reporting, demand management and unified event management through customized dashboards.
Cost Effective Management
Zensar’s global footprint enables integrated local service delivery 24x7 with a strong partner ecosystem.
Unified IT Monitoring
24x7 monitoring provides end to end service visibility through a single pane of glass coupled with proactive IT health checks and self-healing tools.

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