Zensar offers a unique blend of experience, business acumen, customized service offerings and expertise to cater to the needs of the customer in the most optimum manner. MVS is a distinctive multivendor service package that addresses the current and future needs of the enterprise.. The package offers pay as you grow infrastructure on demand.
Zensar’s complete portfolio of digital and infrastructure technology solutions enables a single point of contact to fulfill the client’s end to end infrastructure needs.
This refined approach enables the enterprise to grow and reduce redundancies and inefficiencies within multiple business processes.
Third-party maintenance (TPM) for servers, storage and networking equipment is gaining increased demand from end users, especially when the equipment is post warranty. It has been noticed that IT Support typically finds out about nearly 65% of problems after customers have identified them.  
MVS is a complete hardware maintenance and support system that consists of  call handling, on-site and remote technical support as well as spare parts replacements and upgrades. A host of other enhanced maintenance services, including custom maintenance services are available to extend this offering to provide cost effective alternatives with superior service quality, especially for systems no longer under OEM warranty.
MVS includes Server, Storage and Switching along with maintenance of hardware. This also includes the contact center, logistics, technical support and hands-on field engineering. The MVS service also includes  preventative  maintenance services as well as technology refreshes.
Learn more about Zensar’s MVS+ and MVSlifecycle packages.
Zensar’s Maintenance Support Portfolio includes support for OEM platforms including Cisco, Dell, EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM, NetApp and Oracle.

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