Zensar’s digital driven solutions allow for increased visibility and ability into monitoring and managing a client’s entire infrastructure while becoming the single point of contact for all service needs, including multi-vendor maintenance solutions across all the major data center OEMS, and can support acquisitions of state of the art OEM technologies.
MVS+ consists of Hardware Maintenance plus Monitoring services leveraging automation from industry leading monitoring software partners or the clients' own monitoring software solutions enabling increased uptime. This package includes monitoring, help desk, L1, L2 and L3 support, along with systems administration activities while managing everything from the operating system to the applications layer.
MVS+ includes Hardware Maintenance and Monitoring with a range of possibilities, from automated ticket generation to Level 0 “eyes on glass. ” Leveraging automation from industry leading monitoring software partners or your own monitoring software solutions is also provided. MVS+ increases client uptime through the integration of monitoring with maintenance solutions allowing for proactive maintenance to prevent future issues from occurring.
MVS+ involves monitoring of data center, networking and security infrastructures. The components of MVS+ include the end user, network, Applications, Middleware, Database, OS, Virtual, Physical and the data center itself.
Businesses today require around the clock IT Infrastructure availability. Organizations are looking towards economical yet scalable models of infrastructure support services, increased ROI and uncompromised delivery quality. Zensar’s MVS integrated Remote Infrastructure Management Solutions (RIMS) enables enterprises to minimize their IT infrastructure downtime and provides cost effective solutions through our 24x7 command centers.
Remote Infrastructure Management includes the following:
• Monitoring (L0) 
• Service Desk (L1)
• Remote Technical Support (L2-L3 and Sys Admin)
Learn more about Zensar’s MVS and MVSlifecycle.
Zensar’s Maintenance Support Portfolio includes support for OEM platforms including Cisco, Dell, EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM, NetApp and Oracle.

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