Our platform addresses complex business problems through rapid, contextual and empowered insights.

Analytics Data Hub

30+ ready to deploy business apps to gather insights across industry verticals with smart connectors for easy integration

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AI & Machine Learning

A context-aware value enabler platform that is embellished with 60+ PaaS utilities to acquire and manage any data

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Pre-built Insights

Powered by next-gen AI algorithms, self-learning ‘Analytic Bot’, advanced machine learning and comprehensive integration with DevOps

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Value Proposition

ZenAnalytica offers a suite of over 30 SaaS-based, pre-built business apps applicable across retail, manufacturing and BFSI. Easy integration with incumbent systems using smart connectors offers predictability and reliability for business specific KPIs, alerts, and metrics, optimizing business spend.

ZenAnalytica drives rapid realization of business value with its ready-to-deploy suite of business apps.

ZenAnalytica comes with quick deployment roadmap called FOUR 1s – 

  •  1 Day – Infrastructure Set up
  •  1 Week – Onboard Pre-built Business Apps Suite
  •  1 Month – Customize Business Apps using Smart Connectors
  •  1 Quarter – Deploy New Custom Business App

Business Benefits

ZenAnalytica, with a blend of automation, process orchestration and easy integration, empowers enterprises to generate true business value from data-driven meaningful insights. 

  •  75% reduction in Time-to-Insights from business apps
  •  85% improved predictability of business outcomes
  •  90% enterprise adoption ready with quick integration tools like DevOps and Docker

State Supplied Data Handling Reporting (SSDH-R)

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Delivering personalised marketing promotions and communication

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Market Basket Analysis for Retail customer

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