In today’s competitive environment, data and metrics are the most significant weapons for the management; key decisions are made based on the data and the metrics of any organization. For a business to be successful, the senior executives should have rapid access to metrics that are correct, better organized and aligned with the critical data-points that impact the business.
Zensar’s proven range of digital marketing solutions contribute significantly in increasing web traffic, global content migration, A/B testing, buyer behaviour analytics, campaign management & social engagement strategies.  
Our Web Analytics services help in measuring, collecting, analysing and reporting of web data to understand buyer behaviours. A greater insight into buyer behaviour allows you to take insightful decisions for your online marketing strategies. This then results in more informed decision making – which ensures more value-add for the buyer. 
Another advantage of Web Analytics services is improving channel effectiveness and conversion of goals most relevant to you. Web Analytics turns data into actionable insights which drive engagement behaviour with an ability to predict outcomes. This ability to predict outcomes can be a strong advantage for any company that chooses to make full use of it.
The business metrics that can be obtained using Web Analytics services are as follows:
  • Top Traffic pages
  • Visitor Loyalty & Visitor Recency
  • Days & Visits To "Purchase".
  • Drop-off rate
  • Percentage (%) Share of Search vs competition
  • Channel performance

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