As the Marketing landscape revolutionises through its ‘Digital’ journey it is imperative that we keep pace with the emerging dynamics. Zensar’s Digital Marketing Solutions is a highly interactive arm that enables your digital transformation through integrated digital strategies and builds digital relationships that truly connect with ‘Customer Experience’. 
Social Media Marketing offers a digital experience captured through channels such as corporate webpages, surveys, social media feeds, and net promoter scores.
Zensar’s Social Media Marketing services offer Social Listening and engagement strategy to increase your reach. Also, Sentiment Monitoring and Response exercises can be conducted in order to connect better with the customer and judge their attitudes and opinions including their affective states.
Social Presence and Community Management is another service offering which can increase the reach of the brand and allow more customers to interact with the company. Sentiment monitoring and analysing exercises to improve your brand recognition in the community and among a set of customers.
Zensar’s Social Advocacy and Analytics can be used to obtain customer-related metrics in response to your social media efforts undertaken online. Digital interactions between the company and the customer can be monitored and traffic to the website can be studied to obtain the company’s performance on social influence and referral traffic.

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