Marketing Automation Services and Solutions

The Marketing landscape today is revolutionizing through its digital journey. With the increased speed of functioning, marketing automation is an important tool to manage data and create a target profile for customers. Creation of this profile can enable a company to engage with the customer better and create more value for them.  
A superior understanding of the customer’s pulse across touch-points and time helps us improve your reach & relevance. Covering strategic high ground we connect & collaborate with your marketing and commerce teams to define critical capabilities demonstrating significant ROI from your marketing investments. 
Zensar offers marketing automation – Campaign-as-a-Service to enable personalized engagements that take customer preferences, past engagements and known preferences into account. 
The value-add offered to the customer consists of closed-loop marketing campaign execution and measurement along with Omni-channel communication with consistent experience across all upsell & cross sell opportunities.
Our Centre of Excellence has a multifold approach that will enable you to spend more time focused on strategy, planning and alignment. We specialize in:
  • Creating, managing, deploying, monitoring & analysing your marketing campaigns for maximum impact
  • Recommending which automation tool best fits your requirements
  • Providing you with actionable insights & services to leverage your existing marketing investments

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