What is data worth without proper analysis and visualization. Our Information to Action services include Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive analysis using best of breed analysis and visualization platforms.

  • Analytics as a service – Don’t have your own infrastructure? No problem - We find the what and whys, trends, clusters and outliers and present you the actionable insight without you having to worry about the platform or infrastructure
  • Data Discovery  and Visualization – Have your own infrastructure? Leverage our expertise to implement best of breed or open source tools for data discovery and visualization
  • Extend the Analytics – Want to extend the operational analysis to predictive analytics and machine learning? We have the expertise, experience and tools to do so. We can even help with a natural language processing solution that automates the reading of text using sophisticated algorithms
  • Automated Insights –  Why waste your analysts and data scientists time running the analysis over and over again to identify patterns? Leverage our solutions to convert raw data into insight within minutes and have your business take immediate action or have our data scientists build a more complex model if needed
  • Pre-built content for Industries & lines of business – We have pre-built reports & dashboards based on industry standard KPIs for Manufacturing, Retail, Insurance, Finance, HR, Operations, Sales & Marketing. Jump start your BI initiatives today

We have partnered with many of our customers to turn raw information to business action:

  • Analytics Service – Identified fraudulent claims and contract renewal opportunities worth over $140M USD
  • Data Discovery and Visualization - Solution implementation to rapidly analyze millions of rows of complex data in near real time to unfold over $100M USD service opportunities
  • Automated Insights  –Analyzed various factors like customer churns, marketing spend, service performance within minutes to unfold hidden insights for decision making, saved over $4M USD operations cost and also improved customer retention, effective marketing $ spend and improved service delivery performance

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