As enterprises are adopting more and more cloud applications, integrating environments (Cloud and on-Premise DC’s) is crucial piece for connecting these applications considering following scenarios: 
  • On-Premise to Cloud
  • Cloud to On-Premise
  • Cloud to Cloud ( One Cloud Service Providers (CSP) to another)
  • Integration strategy
  • IPaaS services
  • Maintenance & Support Services
  • Back Up & Recovery
  • Cloud Optimization
We have a well-defined approach for cloud integration services and Hybrid Solutions using custom APIs, Service Bus/BizTalk Services or 3rd Party products such as IBM cast Iron, Informatica Cloud and Dell Boomi.
Zensar’s Cloud Management Platform© helps customers monitor , manage and optimize Applications and Infrastructure in a multi-cloud environment , providing a comprehensive platform for developers and IT users to access and  manage multi-cloud resources.
We provide systems integration for Internet of Things (IOT) to meet the todays changing business needs, where real-time data is crucial for decision making. Integrating these with your existing cloud application allows our customers to leverage the fraction of changes to empower your business decisions.
Our integration services provides comprehensive connectivity with (1) on-premise applications to the cloud or (2) cloud applications to other cloud or (3) data exchange considering business to business (B2B) scenario.

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