At Zensar we have experienced that factors mentioned below trigger a technology consolidation exercise in a progressive organization.
  • The rising “lights-on costs” (OPEX) for IT operations
  • Business growth in geography, user base including mergers and acquisitions
  • The aggressively changing business models and competitive edge required for profitability
  • Fluctuations in legal requirements and compliance
  • Keeping up pace with technology trends and using them to business benefit such as bimodal IT, digital transformation and cloud-mobility initiatives etc.
  • Rising costs of maintaining legacy systems with respect to skilled people, licensing etc.
  • Sometimes alignment to long term vision requires phased initiatives of technology consolidations
Key Solutions
Application portfolio rationalization – When a progressive organization with an IT estate of substantial size is at the crossroads to make IT spend decisions and decide future roadmap, a thorough assessment of application portfolio becomes necessary. Based on the assessment outcomes a set of recommendations can be made and as a result certain transformation initiatives can be undertaken. At Zensar we have a methodology developed for Applications portfolio management which has well defined phases and activities incorporated.
We capture most detailed application inventory via our wizard based online tools and then analyze the information according to the parameters listed in a graphic on the left side. A detailed application score card and the comprehensive report is produced with the recommendations in details.In this methodology typically six types of transformation activities are recommended based on the assessment.
  • Application portfolio rationalization i.e. 4R approach – Refactor, Retire, Re-host/Reconfigure and Replace
  • Project portfolio re-alignment – Review existing projects and pause, resume or start new ones based on outcome
  • Enterprise architecture roadmap – Revisit the roadmap and refine
  • Process maturity improvement – Revisit the processes and tweak based on the assessment outcomes
  • Infrastructure rationalization – You may have to consolidate, virtualize etc. and rationalize based on the outcome.
  • Human resource alignment – Train the people accordingly if they are not using applications in optimized manner.
Infrastructure rationalization – About infrastructure i.e. about the hardware & software equipment, platforms, servers etc., many a times CIOs/CTOs face the questions on license renewals, end of support date or end of life dates. Zensar’s advisory consulting services on infrastructure rationalization can help you make those decisions quickly and achieve the expected business outcome. We have a systematic approach and framework developed to do the assessments.
Zensar’s enterprise architecture group can help you establish the right governance, the right assessment and analysis framework tailored to your business needs.
We have specialized applications such as Cloud readiness assessment, Server inventory capture etc. to aid the optimization process.
Zensar has a specialized arm of infrastructure management services which can add value in rationalization exercise. We have experienced Infrastructure architects who can guide and advice on your transformation initiatives.
Platform architecture upgrades –The latest trends and advancements in IT many a times trigger the transformations. Maybe it is Bimodal IT, digital enablement or any other initiative, it will for sure need the latest version platforms in your IT estate. All the software and hardware platforms in categories compute, storage and network areas need version upgrades frequently.
  • Having latest version platforms helps avoid end of life support issues from the suppliers.
  • Ensures business benefits from latest features and optimizes the utilization
  • Enables the alignment to long term vision of the organization
Zensar has successfully executed such upgrade requirements in the past for many customers and have also developed methodology to systematically implement the upgrades ensuring business continuity, time, cost and quality and also has added value maintaining customers long term technology roadmap.
Under this category of services we also provide architecture consulting for Legacy Modernization. Please visit the relevant section of the website to find out more information.

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