Digital transformation and Bi-modal IT are the recent trends influencing every business. Within Bi-modal Mode-1 IT relies on a stable model of operations and works on stabilizing and optimizing IT investments taking calculated risks whereas Mode-2 is more exploratory and evolving mode where quick and large volume gains are a focus.
Architecting a digital ecosystem means anything and everything from adopting mobility, Omni-channels and/or migrating systems to cloud and applying smart analytics. To embrace these new trends our architecture group provides various consulting services to enable our customers to successfully undertake the digital journey.
Key Solutions
  • Cloud readiness assessment & adoption - We at Zensar have helped many clients to undertake a successful cloud migration journey. It becomes quite important to address any concerns a customer may have as listed in the graphic. Providing the right solutions and risk mitigations before undertaking a cloud migration is our top priority. Our experienced architects can do a cloud readiness assessment for you with a wizard based tool. This tool is our key differentiator which can help CIO/CTO make informed decisions on cloud migration.
  • The assessment takes into considerations the business priorities, goals & drivers, the IT parameters like Workload, technology and integration challenges, as well as operational & support aspects including costs & ROI. Based on the assessment recommendations cloud migration phases like Design, Implementation and transition can be undertaken. Please visit our website’s separate section on cloud computing to find out more details.
  • API strategy and micro-services adoption -APIs are the new mechanisms to promote revenue growth with better customer engagement and collaboration in partner and supplier ecosystems. Any organization can monetize their digital assets by publishing the APIs and adopting the right model of licensing them. APIs can be swiftly designed and built if your IT systems architecture is micro-services oriented as opposed to traditional monolithic architecture.
  • Our Architecture CoE with their wealth of experience can help you chalk out API strategy, assess the existing architecture and recommend how to adopt micro-services and effectively implement API to achieve business benefits. Embracing micro-services brings agility and responsiveness in IT operations. The application release and deployments and maintenance & support becomes very flexible while the risks of failures are minimized. It is a way forward for the progressive organizations who foresee a rapid business growth and increase in user base such as customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Mobility and Omni-channel adoption -Whether you are a retail business or a manufacturer or a banking organization, embarking on a mobility or Omni-channel journey means a serious challenge for aligning your organization’s IT architecture to be digitally ready. The mobility initiative requires serious efforts from enterprise architects on. 
Evaluation and selection of enterprise mobility management platforms including:
  • Mobile device management (MDM)
  • Mobile application development platform (MADP)
  • Mobile information management platform (MIM)
Establishing a robust security architecture
Establishing an effective mobile backend services platform (MBAAS) and APIs
Establishing seamless integration
Apart from above services we also provide solutions in the areas of DevOps such as assessment and adoption and also in the areas of Big Data and Analytics adoption. Please visit the sections of our website which provide more information.

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