We have a prediction model for efforts and defects and we strive to always have a “Zero Defect Delivery”. With our expertise in multiple Agile methodologies and a dedicated DevOps labs for custom solutions, we are in a position to offer a dream solution to our customers.
We are committed to delivering superior structural quality deliverables to customer.
We maximized business benefit for a leading manufacturer in USA and a leading insurance customer in SA
We offer a shift-left development approach which delivers high quality solutions and employ a tool based model to measure technical debt and quality of deliverables.
Our estimation models are built on confidence levels of requirements clarity and we have a zero defect methodology with Agile methods integrated using DevOps tools and techniques.
We regularly refine go-to-market messages using Google analytics and our online quality management system to capture and report data.
We offer a unit based pricing model tied with the condition of satisfaction.

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