Enterprise grade permissioned Blockchain Solutions

Zensar’s ZensmartBlox offering provides business’s enterprise grade blockchain solutions for their enterprise ecosystem. Zensmartblox facilitates transfer of value in between businesses and their partners without compromising their data security while providing transparency to the transaction. ZenSmartBlox blockchain practitioners are adept at building blockchain solutions on open-source platforms like Hyperledger 1.0 and Ethereum with ability to build custom protocols that suit enterprise needs.

Key Performance Indicators


ZenSmartBlox leverages distributed digital ledger which acts as a single source of truth for multiple entities holding transactional transparency across enterprises

Audit and Compliance

ZenSmartBlox blockchain capability allows companies to pre factor audit and compliance requirement into their transactional system reducing audit and compliance costs.

Process Efficiency

ZenSmartblox removes non value added processes from the overall process flow by and through that it achieves higher process efficiency and cost reductions.


ZenSmartBlox blockchain offering provides custom made access security capability which allows enterprise customer to limit access of data shared on the DLT in line with company governance policy.