Web Platform Services

Foundation to deliver a transformational web experience

Leading web platforms to create and deliver high impact digital solutions.

The service spectrum includes advisory, consulting, strategy, roadmap, design, integration, migration and implementation services on leading WCM and Portal platforms both from commercial and open source worlds. Zensar with its well established Centre of Excellence (COE) framework, maturity assessment frameworks, diagnostics, in-house accelerators, competency partnerships, ensures that we increased value quotient in terms of our services and high impact digital solutions.

Key Performance Indicators

Faster ‘content to market’ contributing to average increase in footfalls by 10 %

Organization’s ability to achieve faster ‘content to market’ ensures effective online presence and engagement with its customers. Zensar through its platform services offering brings in the latest industry trends, diagnostic assessments and implementation best practices including continuous integration and development methodologies to deliver relevant content to the market for our customers.

Deliver unified experience on digital content lifecycle management, ensuring average productivity gains of 15 %

With myriad of digital engagement channels available on various operating scales it becomes imperative for organizations to leverage them to create the envisioned business impact. The critical step in that journey is to have a unified experience in terms of creating, authoring and managing their digital content. Zensar’s expertise and partnerships with leading WCM vendors ensures that the best of breed solutions and governance are deployed with a view on ease of use .

Boost NPS through customer experience and analytics

Zensar brings in its vast experience of working with industry leaders in helping them achieve and better the digital experience that they offer to their customers. Zensar provides a comprehensive ecosystem from understanding of customer journeys, their customer experience, Call to action, integrations to services focused on unearthing, monitoring and tracking web interactions and high impact journeys to deliver insightful analytics ensuring an improved levels of customer satisfaction boosting their NPS.

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