Unified IT

Unifies Infrastructure and Operations | Tool Integration | Self-Healing

Mapping enterprise business services to applications and their underlying infrastructure

Unified IT Management integrates tools to enable a unified view to manage hybrid infrastructure with service automation, orchestration, and analytics. Management platforms and processes are evaluated to capture, communicate and interpret information being messaged and to identify and consolidate redundancies. Integration and orchestration enables operations to immediately trace an incident’s cause, saving considerable time, money and effort.

Key Performance Indicators

30% Cost Reduction and 40% Productivity Improvement

The Unified IT management approach helps to integrate various tools to provide unified monitoring management through a single pane of glass and implement necessary process changes to help improve the service delivery. Zensar’s integrated Unified IT solution will provide: Enablement of self-healing and Self-Provisioning, Enhancement of existing and creation of new automated reports to provide predictability and “proactive maintenance”, Capture trending data over time which allows for service analysis and resulting decisions to optimize infrastructure and operations, Business oriented support functionality and performance.

Process Automation

Accelerators and automation capability up-to 40% to orchestrate between multiple data centers, cloud and on premises. This serves to deliver a lightweight, integration solution to connect systems and services, on-premises and in the cloud. We provide out-of-the-box integration with automation tools and a robust API to have complete flexibility in automation tool.

Bi-Modal IT Operations

The bi-modal IT strategy supports rapid infrastructure and application development for digital innovation priorities, alongside existing infrastructure maintenance and operational stabilization projects. A bi-modal IT strategy helps categorize Infrastructure and applications based on their value to the business, thus determining the right resources (or mode) for management and fast-tracking strategic business innovation projects. Bi-Modal IT operations improve operational efficiency and rapid innovation up to 40%.

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Zensar named in the report "Leverage the Results of 300 Gartner Reference Checks to Fine-Tune Your Selection of Hybrid Infrastructure Service Providers" and is listed as a Global Leading Service Provider with a 82% Highest Satisfaction rating from its clients.

*Gartner: Leverage the Results of 300 Gartner Reference Checks to Fine-Tune Your Selection of Hybrid Infrastructure Service Providers, December 7, 2016, Analysts Claudio Da Rold, William Maurer, Gianluca Tramacere, David Edward Ackerman, DD Mishra, G00313938