Third-Party Maintenance

A Flexible, Integrated and Optimized Approach

Extends the life of existing OEM platform environments

Zensar prides itself on providing the most customizable and cost effective solutions in the industry. Our best in class service levels and delivery track record ensure all your Third-Party Maintenance support (TPM) needs are met with a Flexible, Integrated and Optimized approach. Zensar’s TPM Portfolio includes support for OEM platforms including Cisco, Dell, EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM, NetApp and Oracle. Zensar provides support services for systems running Windows, VMware, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX & Enterprise Linux systems.

Key Performance Indicators

Reduced Downtime

Zensar reduces unplanned downtime by providing proactive hardware maintenance of a client’s IT infrastructure, fully modernizing the infrastructure, building redundancies, averting potential issues, and ensuring faster time-to-repair. Zensar’s scalable TPM offerings provide for complete data center lifecycle maintenance by leveraging our TPM, TPM Plus, and TPM Lifecycle services.

End-to-End Support

By combining modernization services with Zensar’s systems maintenance service, clients benefit from end-to-end support - from issue identification to problem resolution.

Increased IT Staff Productivity and Efficiencies

Zensar’s TPM Plus and TPM Lifecycle services can centralize infrastructure management and allow a client’s IT staff to be more proactive. Our clients can now focus on long term strategic business initiatives, instead of “firefighting” issues associated with an aging infrastructure.

Cost Avoidance

With Zensar’s TPM services, avoid the cost of acquiring hard to find spares, tools, and upgrades necessary for managing and maintaining an aging infrastructure.

Optimized Infrastructure

Zensar’s TPM Plus services can address critical dataccenter concerns such as server utilization, performance, capacity planning, and consolidation. This ensures the data center is optimized for performance, and supports future growth requirements while containing costs.

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