Transforming businesses into Digital

Reimagining business models

Organizations need to respond to evolving business needs to sustain competitive advantage in the dynamic market conditions with increasingly digital and complex business enterprise needs. To help manage these organizational objectives, Zensar offers a comprehensive portfolio of offerings spanning across the life cycle of SAP solutions on the latest SAP Digital platform S/4HANA. We have a strong SAP consulting workforce with over 5000 person-years of experience in executing 250+ projects across Implementation, Rollouts, Upgrades, Migrations and Application Management over the last 17 years.

Key Performance Indicators

45% reduced time in financial closing

Enabled real-time processes such as revenue recognition, profitability analysis, cash allocation, and working capital analysis, thereby automating and reducing the financial closure times.

15% lower stock-out costs by improved forecasting

Enabled better planning and forecasting by implementing comprehensive forecasting toolset using statistical forecasting techniques such as causal and time-series methods with highly configurable planning books.

30% Increased on-time delivery performance

Our sales order fulfilment monitor provides a prioritized list with key characteristics of outstanding sales orders based on real-time information and helps enable on-time delivery performance thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

18% Increase in Asset Utilization

Implemented constraint based capacity planning during the MRP run and managing capacity issue resolution performance on the same dataset thereby reducing production lead time with higher customer order fulfilment rate.

30% improvement in procurement efficiency

Enabled segmentation and classification of suppliers & providers by providing results based on categories and carrying out periodic supplier evaluations based on weighted scoring mechanism.

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