Oracle PaaS migration

Migrate, Connect and Extend SaaS

Business agility with reduced IT costs

As the organizations go Digital and Cloud enabled, they demand greater efficiency, innovation and business agility. With Zensar's Oracle PaaS Cloud services, customers will get quick application and database migrations, robust integrations, and seamless extensions of Oracle SaaS applications. With years of middleware experience and having successfully delivered large projects to a diversified set of global customers, we are committed to our promise of a successful delivery. We have helped customers reduce integration costs by 25%, increase asset re-use by 35% and increase ROI 15% YOY.

Key Performance Indicators

PaaS Cloud migration with near zero downtime

Using Zensar’s migration framework, tools and best practices, we ensure that customers are migrated to the PAAS Cloud with near zero downtime.

Reduce Cloud migration and implementation costs by 15%

Zensar’s proprietary hybrid agile framework ZAFPCl (Zensar Agile Framework for Platform Cloud Implementation) has been specially designed keeping in mind the challenges and idiosyncrasies of a typical Platform Cloud migration and implementation at an enterprise level reducing the Cloud implementation costs by 15%

20% faster time to market for implementing SaaS extensions

Zensar has built a core framework for social, user and security management (application and data) components for SaaS extensions that helps customers go-live 20% faster.

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