Intelligent Command Center

Seamless Global Delivery with Agility and Zero Disruption

Ultra-Efficiency through Hyper Automation and Agile Orchestration

Powered by Zensar’s The Vinci™, the Intelligent Command Center (ICC) enables 360 degree end user visibility ensuring a zero disruption IT environment for your business, coupled with unprecedented security protection. Through the ICC, the number of large-scale operating teams is reduced by up to 50% - while ensuring a high level of accuracy in endpoint delivery. Zensar’s ICC delivers ultra-efficiency through hyper automation and agile orchestration. Experience faster problem resolution, incident prevention and measurable business outcomes – enabling cost transformation with Return on Digital®.

Key Performance Indicators

Up to 60% Productivity Improvement

Realize increases in productivity using EICC and Automation and Orchestration. Zensar’s improved proactive approach enhances uptime and reliability through identification, verification, tracking and notification. Our collaborative communication framework aligns to improving resource notifications and reducing human intervention. Issues are detected and solved before they become major problems.

Up to 60% Opex Cost Savings

By incorporating automation using unique frameworks, methodologies, and proprietary technologies, the ICC services assist organizations to execute and successfully deliver enhanced Return on Digital® in a short span of time. Zensar helps to reduce operating expenses through higher off shore leveraging, reduced down time, higher productivity and increase in profit margin.

Up to 65% Faster Time to Market

The Vinci™ delivers up to 65% improvements in response to business needs. With 80% reduction in deployment time (application and Infrastructure), Zensar ensures increased efficiency of support teams by focusing on predictive analytics and by enabling an easy to “Deploy on Own” mechanism and providing 90% reduction in manual efforts.

360 Degree User Visibility

Zensar elevates the business user satisfaction rates by 45%. With the outside in approach, Zensar has the ability to provide seamless user experience using virtual support assistant and also has the ability to provide a glimpse of financial impact due to productivity loss. Using our K.O.S.H. framework, Zensar utilizes our knowledge repository to assist in taking optimized decisions and improving user productivity.

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