Hybrid IT

Hyper Automation | Agile Orchestration | Ultra-Efficiency

Automation, Integration, DevOps and Hybrid Cloud Management

Hybrid IT enables better agility, faster time-to-market, improved productivity, and lower IT cost overheads for organizations. Our expertise includes Hybrid Cloud management across cloud technologies like AWS, Azure, Google, and Oracle Public Cloud Platforms. Hybrid IT consists of services such as Cloud Consulting, Migration, Implementation, Automation, DevOps, Containerization as a Service and Complete Managed Services.

Key Performance Indicators

Up to 40% TCO savings

Enterprises can eliminate the burden of upfront investment on infrastructure by moving from a CapEx to an OpEx model. Factors like hardware infrastructure procurements, refresh cycles, yearly maintenance costs, and data center operational costs can be easily reduced while adopting cloud solutions. Reduction in administrative overheads helps in having optimal IT resources hence further reducing the IT costs.

45% Productivity Gains with Faster Time to Market

Zensar’s Hybrid IT services enables customers realize improved productivity and faster time to market by means of various Automation capabilities. Zensar cloud management platform provides a single pane for management and operations of hybrid cloud across heterogeneous cloud providers. Also we enable faster time to market by an automated DevOps lifecycle including containers as a service.

40% Improvement in Gross Margin

Our Hybrid IT services enable improvement of processes; reduction of manual intervention; efficiencies through Digital transformation; and better utilization of resources for higher efficiencies. Our Automation capabilities additionally enable reduction of head count.

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