Enterprise Data Management

Integrate data from enterprise applications

Insights from applications data bank

Our data is a true asset but comes with a range of data problems for any organization to handle. Zensar’s Enterprise Data Management services and solutions cover all 5 Vs - Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity and Value, and offer a comprehensive set of services to deal with all your data problems. This platform addresses complex business problems through rapid, contextual and empowered insight.

Key Performance Indicators

Reduced M&A consolidation time by 30%

Manage multiple multi-million dollars M&A related data integration projects with ease and efficiency leading to reduction in the information consolidation time by upto 30%.

Cost savings by upto 60%

Move seamlessly from on-premise to cloud leveraging open source platforms and valuable enterprise data that can lead to about 60% savings in costs.

Faster time to insights by 200%

Ready to plug and play tool with automation of complete data acquisition, integration and cleaning process resulting in faster time to insight (by over 200%) and 80% cost savings.

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