Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Ensuring IT architecture enables business to achieve desired results

Ensures business outcomes from innovation
Provides directions for strategic investments

We have delivered effective architectures and have been instrumental in defining, delivering EA roadmap to comply with client’s long term vision and strategy. Our experienced members of Architecture CoE closely engage with CIO, CTO and CXO community to execute architecture initiatives and provide consulting help such as building business cases, prepare architecture roadmap. We have a strong team of business analysts and SMEs from various domains who contribute business architecture initiatives while our strong team of technical architects and solution architects contribute in the solution/domain level initiatives. 

Key Performance Indicators

Enterprise Sustainability and Competitiveness

IT portfolio assessment and rationalization using ZenARCH ensures sustainability and competitiveness of an enterprise. Demonstrates business outcomes such as – 40% reduction in “Lights On” cost, De-risks IT portfolio and reduces Technical Debt, Promotes legacy systems modernization.

Guided Innovation and Strategic Investment

Aided by Gap Analysis between AS-IS and TO-BE state of Business; and their corresponding architectures; the EA Consulting achieves synchronization of an organization’s business strategy and IT strategy. Refinement of EA roadmap through a few iterations guides IT initiatives directed by synchronized strategy and innovation conceived in the beginning.

Business Agility

Zensar’s EA Consulting Service guarantees business agility by - 1. Being responsive to business changes and adopting state of the art digital trends like social media, mobility, Cloud, etc. 2. Integrating DevOps and Agile Practices in EA 3. Adopting latest architecture practices like microservices, APIs, etc. 4. Modernizing legacy systems.

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