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Supply Chain optimization for multi-channel retail requires a holistic approach to reach maximum efficiency. As the entire IT infrastructure, ecommerce platform and warehouse operations work in unison from the time the order is received from the customer until it is fulfilled by the retailer, every process along this path impacts customer experience. We have the expertise and proven methodologies to synchronize your supply chain. We specialize in Implementation of leading OMS and WMS platforms, custom engineering to optimize order orchestration, allocation, four wall productivity, delivery speed and network inventory planning.

Key Performance Indicators

Greenfield WM Implementation in 6 months

Zensar’s Supply Chain Rapid Implementation Framework significantly fast tracks new implementations and upgrades for Warehouse Management and Order Management solutions. Best practices, configuration management, test case repository and pre-built automated regression and performance testing components enable improvement in stability and reduction of timelines and costs.

40% Increase in Units Picked/Hour

Picking efficiency gains directly translate into pick to ship velocity increase and labor productivity improvements, ultimately leading to faster fulfilment and lowered cost. We help organization’s achieve up to a 40% increase in units picked per hour by integrating advanced analytics into waves and pick ticket creation processes to achieve better pick orchestration.

35% Increase in Forecasting Accuracy

Accuracy of demand and supply side forecasts significantly affects labor planning, inventory availability for commerce and retailer’s bottom-line. We incorporate advanced machine learning techniques to transform forecasting from rule based analytics to data patterns driven predictive analytics engine. We have helped customers see 25 to 35% improvements in forecasting accuracy.

Real-time Network Order Allocation in Milliseconds

Imagine your eCommerce system can make a real-time service call to identify what shipping options can be promised to a customer for items in the cart. Your service layer scans your network inventory, applies availability heuristics algorithms and analyses 30+ factors to calculate true cost, all in just 20 milliseconds, so that you can confidently present shipping or pickup options to your customer in real-time and also lock inventory for checkout. For our customers this is already a reality built by our Custom Engineering teams.

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