Enabling IT, Empowering Business

Enable IT to solve business problems, not just a Dev or Ops problem!

DevOps is a reality, here and now. Zensar recognizes the business imperatives that demand DevOps and has invested in dedicated start-of-the-art “DevOps Labs”, to help contextualize the practicalities and visualize the “to-be” state. These multiple Labs are complete with “live” use-case simulations, on diverse technology stacks.Most Enterprises today are multi-modal, making release management a challenge across their multi-layered technology mesh. The Enterprise enablement of DevOps is driving KPI based services, where the implementation details are abstracted and defined service SLA’s are committed to. All this is enabled by High-touch consulting, to map out this exciting journey.

Key Performance Indicators

Release Management for multi-modal Enterprise

“Continuous Everything (CI/CD/CT etc.)”, across legacy (Mainframe and Unix systems), traditional (Java, .Net etc.), packaged (Oracle, SAP etc.), database and micro-services (docker ) encompasses today’s complex Release Management puzzle. Zensar’s tool neutral SI approach enables System driven RM dashboards, with real time Release dependencies across tech stacks, building upon current toolsets that exist in the Enterprise.

KPI based Environment Management

Zensar believes that tooling and processes should be abstracted from end user – only the committence to service KPI’s for Environment Management services is what matters. Typical examples of KPI’s include: hours to deploy, minutes to recovery etc. Zensar has a well defined KPI metrics, which is finalized with the Customer through a Consultative approach. We have a unique Unit Based pricing model, for cost effective operations.

Enterprise enablement of DevOps

DevOps typically starts getting implemented in silos. However, its true benefits are reaped once it’s enabled pan Enterprise. Zensar specialises in this, with DevOps CoE setup for a Customer, in alignment with their Organization. This enablement utilizes “DevOps Labs”, to visualize the “to-be state”, and goes beyond toolset recommendation and Project selection and onboarding onto tooling platform. A critical success factor is our famed “Wow++ framework”, for bringing about the Cultural changes needed in the Organization.

High-touch Consulting

Zensar prides in having world class Consultants, with High-touch Consulting finesse, which forms the backbone of a classic DevOps assignment. The typical engagements includes DevOps maturity assessment, gap analysis and a phased implementation roadmap. Often times, it’s the softer side of consulting and human connect that makes this transformation programme a success.

This is how we helped our clients