Holistic Solution for Emerging Threats

Decoding Threats to Enable Business Growth

Zensar’s Information Cybersecurity Services provides a team of highly qualified and experienced security experts who perform research, develop solutions and work with clients to solve specific security problems as well as problems for the industry at large. We partner with clients to help create an effective security strategy and advise on the information security services and products to build and run it, based on the notable experience and expertise offered by the security professionals at Zensar.

Key Performance Indicators

Up to 35% Increase in Malware Detection

Zensar’s Security and Threat Management Solution ensures processes and tools are in place to detect and contain malware. We provide visualization as to how your organization’s users, devices and applications interact, to baseline activity such that abnormal behavior can be detected. The solution leverages machine learning and other algorithmic processes to provide predictive analytics, which can be used for threat detection ranging from traditional cyber threats to the latest advanced persistent threats. The solution also focuses on user behaviour to predict insider threats before they happen.

Up to 30% Saving in Monitoring and Remediation

The growing technology landscape has increased the risk of data breach and cyber-attacks. To mitigate such events, businesses today are investing significantly in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) products and solutions. Zensar offers end-to-end SIEM service for effective monitoring and remediation of security threats and events. Our comprehensive SIEM services help you mitigate threat and cyber-attacks while ensuring data security.

Up to 60% Audit Time Reduced

Zensar’s Information Security Management Systems service helps organizations reduce risk and enhance competitive advantage by protecting their critical information assets and providing positive assurance on governance. Our security services have helped several organizations using a unique people, process and technology centric approach. With identified vulnerabilities and fewer security incidents, the costs associated with mitigation and loss of business decrease as well.

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