Big Data and Analytics

Automate your data crunching

Cost effective Big Data solutions

We provide solutions for challenging IT scenarios by bringing and storing external data, leveraging Hadoop and open sources, integrating external and internal data and enabling easy access to the data in Hadoop reservoir. As a result, we help transform your enterprise data warehouse to build data lakes or analytics sandboxes and build effective archival architecture and process.

Key Performance Indicators

Customer retention increment by 30%

Identify and predict customer buying patterns and run personalized marketing campaigns resulting in 30% improvement in customer retention and 15% increase in sales.

Lower inventory costs by 10%

Predict product adoption across various channels and geographies for effective marketing and inventory management resulting in faster time to market and lower inventory costs by up to 10%.

Cost reduction by 15%

Analyze millions of machine log files (from MBs to GBs) to identify product quality issues and provide proactive and preventive maintenance resulting in higher customer satisfaction and cost savings up to 15%.

Usage Analytics

Track customer usage patterns and build insights to predict services and product consumption and recommend cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

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