The Airline Industry has been at the core of Digitalisation due to the increased adoption of Mobile Applications and Kiosks by their Customers avail of their services. The Airline Industry is also faced with increased competition and a Majority of the CIO’s do not expect an increase in their IT budgets, but at the same challenged to implement latest technologies to increase personalization in their services to the customer and make their employees accessible to real time information to increase productivity in their day to day operations.
Zensar has been helping Airlines for over the past 2 decades providing the following services

  • Migration of flying operation suites
    AIMS & ROCADE, being the dominated crew & flight management (CMS) systems in the market, have defined the strength of Zensar. Our core practice is to migrate the processes and set up from one CMS system to another. This practice makes us unique and more prone to understand the usual and critical practice of aviation industry and allow us to gift our capability to make aviation technology equipped.
  • Flying operations Applications support
    If migration is our core practice then supporting flying operation is the peripheral of it. We not only provide application support to the industry but also enhance the existing processes through technology which results into optimization of cost, manual efforts & time.
  • Mobile Flying Operations
  • World is moving towards digitalization so are we. We ensure that our clients must remain one step ahead and to make that possible, we provide solutions pertaining to mobility which propels the aviation industry with more efficiency. Airlines can reduce manual efforts, paper usage and lot of minor processes by using mobility solution.

Along with the above services Zensar deploys several critical business solutions to increase productivity and improve the service levels provided to the end customer, which are:

  • Request & Preference System – Which is a Web based system for crew to provide preferences about different duties for up-coming roster which will reduce manual work of Crewing department by 20% and will benefit reducing rework
  • Annual Leave bidding system -This is a replacement of existing JEN leave application form which results into automation & optimization of leave management which saves 80% of time for managing the leave crew
  • JetLoad - This system calculates the weight & balance of an aircraft which saves the 60% time of pilots resulting on time performance. Also, it reduces the paperwork as this is build on iPADs for pilots
  • ROCADE Remediation project - Zensar had consulted provisions( technical suggestions) to improve the performance of ROCADE application which resulted into 30% performance improvement
  • HOTAC & Transport - This system automatically books the hotel accommodation & transport based on the crew ROSTER by saving 90% of time of crew logistics

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