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Care for your infrastructure so you can better care for patients

Your organization relies on teams of highly trained professionals, industry best practices and advanced medical technologies to deliver optimal patient care. But today s technology-dependent healthcare environment also requires a highly reliable, available and cost-effective IT infrastructure. Zensar s global teams of experts, best-in-class technologies, and proven methodologies and frameworks, support care delivery with a complete spectrum of high-quality IT infrastructure services we call Care Infrastructure.

Zensar offer a multi-lingual, multi-shore standards based service to support your Data Centres, End user computing devices as well as help you adhere to security and compliance requirements. We also enable healthcare providers get more from their existing IT infrastructure by providing a comprehensive hardware support contract that encompasses multi-OEM hardware as well as equipment that may no longer be supported by the manufacturer. Talk to us about our Multivendor Support Services to find out how easy and cost effective it can be to continue using your existing hardware.

With more than 800 people across the globe servicing and supporting a diverse range of IT hardware Zensar has a history of helping provider organizations strategize, co-ordinate and execute comprehensive IT infrastructure optimization plans. This infrastructure Management capability coupled with our Healthcare domain expertise enables is to better understand the healthcare provider’s unique requirements.

Downtime equals lost revenue and more

Studies show that just a few hours of IT downtime can cost businesses millions. At a hospital that loss can cost more than dollars. But Zensar doesn’t just help maximize uptime productivity and business continuity. We also help right-size IT operations, lower IT infrastructure maintenance costs by up to 30 per cent and help clients around the world achieve a better return on their IT investment.

Among other benefits, our Care Infrastructure services help healthcare organizations:

  • Reduce redundancy and waste
  • Ensure adherence to privacy and security standards, and compliance with pertinent regulations
  • Promote interoperability and the seamless flow of information
  • Promote infrastructure flexibility, agility and scalability

The challenge of maintaining an IT infrastructure that meets ever-growing needs while controlling costs can appear daunting, but if cutting costs by 10 per cent in 10 months without compromising on service is of interest, click on 10-in-10 to learn more about Zensar’s unique 10-in-10 IT Infrastructure Optimization Plan. This IOP helps healthcare organizations identify cost culprits and achieve a healthier return on their IT investments.

Trim costs 10% in 10 months

With Zensar’s 10-in-10 IT Infrastructure Optimization Plan (IOP), you can identify cost culprits in your infrastructure and achieve a healthier return on your IT investments. In fact, our unique prescription for healing underperforming or misaligned IT infrastructures may be just what the doctor ordered.

10-10 IOP’s highly effective approach empowers your organization to decrease IT operations and infrastructure costs by as much as 10 per cent in the first 10 months, with incremental savings in subsequent years. In addition to significantly reducing IT infrastructure overhead and increasing efficiency, our quick and affordable plan is designed to drive high performance in the near and long term, realign IT infrastructures with true organizational needs and keep stakeholders happy. The result? You can focus on improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Phased approach to optimization

Our phased optimization process helps bring rigor and discipline to existing IT functions, improve and enhance processes, and mitigate risk in complex contracts. In collaboration with your IT team, we complete Phases 1 and 2 in two to six weeks—depending on your organization s size and shape— and the entire process in ten months or less.

  • Phase 1—Baseline assessment:

    Zensar infrastructure experts conduct a multidimensional assessment of your current technology environment, including an analysis of business processes, applications architecture and infrastructure systems. This assessment establishes a baseline of the current state of your IT infrastructure. We then conduct a gap analysis, identifying areas where productivity can be enhanced and spending cut, quickly, easily.

  • Phase 2—Roadmap:

    We create a roadmap to define your IT infrastructure objectives that respects your organization’s vision, key challenges and strategic business plan. We use the baseline assessment developed in Phase 1—as well as a best-of-breed COBIT1 framework and proven ITIL2 methodologies—to generate this roadmap, which incorporates lessons learned from past efforts, and identifies appropriate strategies and tools. It also includes a metric to measure expected changes.

  • Phase 3—Pilot / implement / measure impact:

    We help you pilot the optimization strategy developed in Phase 2, then implement it across your organization. Next we use the metric developed in Phase 3 to measure the impact so we can benchmark future improvements.

  • Phase 4—Continuous improvement:

    Using lessons learnt and collected metrics, we evaluate the implemented optimization plan to inform future corrections and/or adjustments.


Zensar has a history of helping organizations create comprehensive IT infrastructure optimization strategies. Coupled with our domain expertise, advanced technology and process capabilities, and strong focus on quality deliverables, this experience adds a unique depth and breadth to our clients optimization initiatives.

This 10-in-10 point solution is just one of many ways Zensar helps transform IT infrastructures into high-performance enterprises. Click on IT Infrastructure Management Services to learn how our end-to-end IM solution can help healthcare organizations create an efficient, effective and scalable IT infrastructure that maximizes the return on their investment.

Data Center

Zensar partners with you to understand your unique requirements then designs a “best fit” solution for managing, moving, consolidating or expanding your healthcare data-centre operations for maximum reliability, availability, scalability and security. Our flexible, proven model leverages extensive multi-shore (onshore, offshore and/or near shore) delivery, logistics and project management capabilities to provide expert multi-vendor OEM support services. Healthcare Organizations that have grown inorganically or accumulated multiple data centres can benefit from our customized consolidation and virtualization services that help you increase utilization of hardware and reduce support and maintenance costs.

Click on Data Center Services to learn more.

As reimbursements decrease while IT and other costs increase, organizations must find creative ways to do more with less. Healthcare providers are increasingly relying on end-user computing experts like Zensar to redesign, consolidate and virtualize their workplaces to make computing power available where needed, when ever needed at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.

Our full spectrum of advanced EUC services can help you transform your desktop and end-point infrastructure to derive greater business value from your IT investments and better address the demands of an anytime, anywhere, bring your-own-device culture. Our smart clinical computing range of services cover:

  • End point management: ensure availability, security and compliance of any form of computing device, locked down computers, mobile devices & tablets as well as network end points.
  • Always-on-Point of Care: using virtualization technologies integrated with single-sign-on along with multi-factor authentication we enable “follow-me” the availability of all relevant clinical applications across the provider’s
  • Mobile clinical computing: our range of BYOD and other mobile security solutions allow healthcare providers to facilitate the access of critical information and clinical applications on their smart devices whilst managing HIPAA and HITECH compliance.
  • Managed Service desk: a healthcare focused end user service desk that provides 24X7 support leveraging both onsite and offshore resources. We support multiple languages in the US.

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With threats on the rise, information security is a prime concern for everyone. For healthcare organizations, accountable to multiple stakeholders for safeguarding HIPAA-protected health information (PHI), detecting and managing security breaches can be critical. And it seems like almost every day we learn of yet another lost or stolen laptop exposing countless patient records to possible criminal action.

As mobile devices proliferate, the opportunity for such “accidental” releases can only increase. With today’s hospital a veritable “Tower of Babel” of diverse IT systems, each with its own unique vulnerabilities and bugs, your ability to secure confidential patient data is further compromised. Zensar can help you design a cost-effective multi-layered security solution to fortify your system’s defences and prevent unexpected attacks.

Pair that with our HIPAA compliance services and not only do you successfully secure PHI but you also eliminate much of the laborious and repetitive work of audits and reporting compliance.

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