Conventional Retailing:
Traditionally the visitors would visit the store out of the need triggered by purchase curiosity – this was intrinsic to customer. The shopping experience was exploratory at the point of sale as both customer and staff had limited knowledge of product/service and customers respectively. The experience delivered at the Moment of Truth was uncertain as it would largely depend on the heroism of the staff or superiority of the product. This resulted in a below par shopping experience & less revenue and shredded loyalty for the retailer.

Re-imagine Retailing:
A tsunami of “change” has arrived – forcing retailers to either adopt it to stay afloat or be swept away. With the rise of consumer technology in the Digital World, the millennial shopper is always connected and more informed. Customers are loaded with information and choices and hence product discovery starts well ahead of store visit, in few cases even before the real need. At the same time, the emergence of e-commerce has placed additional burden on brick-and-mortar retailers. How can in-store shopping be made as convenient as online shopping? How can sales associates be empowered to provide any information in a matter of seconds? How can they personally engage with shoppers? The answer lies in having a connected digital ecosystem inside store - the same force that has changed shopper behaviour will also empower retailers!

Augmented Reality

Augment the shopping experience through mobile/tablet usage

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In-store Behavioural Analytics

Analyze how shoppers move and behave inside store, how they traverse between departments

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Personalized Marketing

Right offer at the right time to the right person leads to conversion

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Wi-Fi / Beacon Analytics

Detect shopper’s presence in and around your store & engage with personalized notifications

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Value Proposition

Context Platform: The key to any personalization initiative is establishing Context

Partner Ecosystems: Our strong end to end partner ecosystem along with investment in our Context Platform IP helps retailers achieve their in-store personalization objectives.

Mobile Point-of-Sales: Reduce long lines and bring staff out from behind the register - enable painless and untethered checkout anywhere in store.Watch this video to know more

Customer Testimonial

"We partnered with Zensar to pilot a few of our digital transformation initiatives - what we have achieved has been phenomenal and Zensar is now our go to partner for anything Next-Gen"

- Leading Retailer

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