Zensar Pre-built SCM focused OBIEE solutions for facilitating holistic supply chain performance visibility

Business relevance

Efficient supply chains significantly impact economic value added (EVA) in manufacturing and retail industries, where business operations are multi layered, with significant interaction with value chain partners like suppliers, transporters, distributors and service/ utility providers. SCM focused analytics enable organizations to garner in-depth, 360˚ visibility through SCM focused KPIs to identify these efficiencies and generate sustainable competitive advantage.

10 Weeks implementation for $60K*

Solution overview

Based on SCOR® model, IntelliZen analytics solution leverages industry best practices and metrics to create a unified communication channel among SCM partners to discover latent efficiencies for sustained value, thus improving margins.

Businesses can choose from 3 to 4 business critical subject areas from 7 prominent SCM subject areas, build end user buy-in with rapid, seamless on-boarding and user adoption and subsequently scale out to all SCM subject areas.


Enhanced visibility across SCM components with easy subject area wise scalability
Accelerated time to value with no CAPEX commitments


Inventory and WarehouseProcurement
3 to 4 subject areas15 Dimensions40 Reports
2 Models21 ETL Interfaces5 Dashboards
120 Metrics10 Users

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