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What We Are

Why are values required in an organization? And what are ours?

A company is only as good as its constituent parts and in our case as good as our people! Zensar's values are in fact a reflection of what our people deem important. And when we’re growing at the pace that we are, it is only but natural to look for these values in people as we have them on boarded onto our teams.

Zensar's culture is an amalgamation of certain core values that have been engrained in every associate which include:

Customer Sovereignty that instils the virtue of being available and accessible to the customer, to be sensitive to his/ her business needs and to play an active part in furthering the customer's business cause

Passion for Excellence epitomizes consistent quality and meeting and surpassing service levels, with a passion to be the best at what we undertake for the customer

Continuous Innovation helps deliver value to our Customers while we keeping the lights on in delivering excellence at every level. Thinking innovation, helps looking at things differently and providing new and interesting customer solutions

People Orientation helps us treating customers, partners, peers, colleagues, and all stakeholders with respect, being conscious of their needs

Transparency and Integrity drives ethical practices, and virtues of honesty and expectation setting with all stakeholders

Corporate Social Responsibility defines a value system that extends itself to the community at large encouraging social development at all levels

The 5F Culture

Zensar has a work culture that is young, energetic, performance driven, where associates are constantly innovating at work and having fun doing it. The organization creates an atmosphere that allows for an all inclusive culture to thrive.

The 5Fs are:

Fast: at delivering excellence, and ensuring a responsive organization

Focused: towards achieving business results

Flexible: in our approach to meeting customer demands, being open to discussing what motivates Zensarians; making career shifts based on inclination and potential for newer roles and goals, enabling work-from-home where possible, etc. an environment which is

Friendly: Vibe with Zensar’s young and friendly Associate Relations team, enjoy the regular Pizza & Coke sessions with Senior Management, utilize the services of ‘Madat online’ (see Employee Care for details) and a host of other services offered by Zensar to make this the warm, friendly place that Zensarians love.

Fun: bring your whole self to work, and not just your ‘work’ self! Showcase your talents at various events, organize floor games, form your own interest-groups and most importantly, enjoy your work and the time spent with teams, partners and customers! The 5F culture epitomizes the emphasis that Zensar places on having a positive and energizing work environment while gunning for high achievement. In fact, we firmly believe that the two go together and that every Zensarian should look forward to coming to work on Monday morning!


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