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Manufacturing companies are increasingly considering Mobility Solutions to improve their operating efficiency, decision making capabilities and utilizing mobile applications in various functions across the manufacturing enterprise.

Zensar's Mobility Solution provides critical business information in an easy-to-use, visually appealing and secure format enabling decision makers to make real-time decisions. The innovative Mobility Solution helps achieve better operating efficiency, which is attained by reducing costs, improving data capture accuracy, decreasing inventory management errors and balancing supply and demand.

Key Capabilities
  • Customized apps and product catalogs that allow suppliers and partners to access product information quickly and easily and perform comparison pricing in real-time
  • Ensuring stronger collaboration for partners and suppliers through greater visibility of the supply chain via automated, real-time data collection.
  • Support for new product launches and seasonal events via creative mobile catalog apps, promotional apps and mobile websites
  • Delivery of apps and websites that facilitate data entry, product lookup and business intelligence through dashboards.
  • Enhanced consumer mobile experiences ranging from roadside assistance, store locators and product catalog apps and websites
Business Value
  • Re-engineering business processes that affect change and improvement in business performance
  • Elimination of paper-based systems, real-time data capture into back-end systems, complex workflow automation and cost reductions with location-based tools
  • Increased effectiveness via apps for scheduling, visibility, plant utilization, throughput analytics and order tracking
  • Real-time activity tracking for processes like approvals, submissions analytics and workflow
  • Allowing IT to securely control and manage the distribution and publishing of apps and content - all in one place

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