Ref Id: Zen/Dec16/001
Job Id: 38421078
Location: London, Reading, Craigforth, Slough
Salary: £52,000 - £60,000
The role: Project Lead (s) – Adobe AEM
Qualification:  Bachelor’s of engineering or Bachelor’s of Business Administration or equivalent or higher (IT related qualification preferred but not essential).
Duties and Responsibilities
1. Define the project management process to be applied to the project.
2. Assure that all team members understand their roles and accept their responsibilities
  • Designs new system by analyzing requirements; studying system capabilities; writing specifications
  • Improves systems by studying current practices; designing modifications
  • Analyze risk and instigate avoidance activities. Establish contingency plans and identify trigger events and responsibility for initiating corrective action
  • Recommends controls by identifying problems; writing improved procedures
  • Monitors project progress by tracking activity; resolving problems; publishing progress reports; recommending actions
3. Analyze the actual performance against the plan and make adjustments consistent with plan objectives.
4. Involve functional expertise in design reviews and key decisions as well as risk strategies.
5. Negotiate the performance of activities with team members and their managers.
6. Establish and publish clear priorities among project activities.
7. Coordinate management and technical decisions
8. Arbitrate and resolve conflict and interface problems within the project.
  • Provide input on the performance of project team members to their supervisors
Skills Required
  • Around 4-12 years of development experience
  • Excellent knowledge on
    • Adobe AEM Developer 6.1
    • Java, Java Server Pages, Java Standard Tag Library, Expression Language
    • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery
    • Eclipse, Subversion Hands on experience on tools 
  • Familiarity with tools like
    • Ant, Maven, jira and CI tools such as Jenkins
Closing date: 23rd December 2016
To apply: Send in your resume to

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