Zensar realizes that by continuously developing and training associates, an organization can acquire the core competencies needed for competitive advantage. The series of programmes conducted, thus support the organization's strategic business requirements as well as specific training needs identified by individual projects and support groups. Taking a long-term planning horizon into consideration, Zensar has taken initiatives to develop both technical & managerial talent. Zensar also takes its educational role outside of Zensar seriously, and Senior Managers at Zensar regularly address Technical & Management Schools, and also participate as faculty in Internationally reputed Management courses, in order to provide much-needed industry-outlook to the participants. Partnership with Educational Institutions:

  • Zensar has partnered with Pune university for sponsorship of students for the PhD Program in the Faculty of Technology. The Program is aimed at facilitating thought leadership and academic excellence within the IT industry, thus helping to meet the research demands specific to this industry

Senior Leadership Programs:

  • Leadership Development Program (LDP) prepares participants to become better leaders who align with the organization mission and vision. The Program exposes participants to various functional areas to ensure cohesion in decision-making across different functions. It also develops an understanding of analytical skills and other tools required, to enable participants to get solutions with an integrated and holistic perspective of the business and the organization
  • Other than the LDP, Zensar offers its Senior Management the opportunity to hone their skills at the best Management Institutes in the world

Mid-Management Programs

  • Management Development Program (MDP) is conducted regularly. The MDP provides innovative and practical ideas about critical management challenges faced by mid-level administrators in their professional careers. The program encourages this critical talent mass to think beyond the confines of their own discipline and area of administrative responsibility. MDP prepares participants to become better leaders in the future.
  • Regular exposure is provided to mid-level and senior managers to the latest tools in People Management, thus enabling engaged and productive teams

Other Development Programs

  • A host of calendarized training programs covering both Technical and Soft Skills, are run at the Pune and Hyderabad facilities
  • Fast Track Program - This program offers accelerated career advancement and cross functional mobility for progressive employees across the length and breadth of the organization
  • Development Centers (DCs) -These are designed to identify, assess and develop talent across the organization. The outcomes of the DCs are Individual Development Action Plans (DAPs) for the managers which are tracked and implemented by the Assessees and their Managers in consultation with the HR team.

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