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E-ZPass Spear Phishing Email Alert

Please be aware of a Spear Phishing email that targets E-ZPass users. The subject line reads “FW: Pay for driving on toll road” and the body of the email looks like this: You have not paid for driving on a toll road....

/ July 28, 2014
Cyber Security Summit Wrap Up and Tips to Detect, Defend, Recover

Cyber Security Summit Wrap Up and Tips to Detect, Defend, Recover

Have you ever been to an event that left you wanting more when the subject matter just wasn’t up to par or even worse, an event that was almost entirely sales focused and you found yourself spending more time fixing yourself another...

/ September 30, 2013
Is Employee Cybershopping Threatening Your Companys Security

Is Employee Cybershopping Threatening Your Company’s Security?

As we wrap up one of the biggest cybershopping weeks of the year many CEO’s and CIO’s are probably wondering how much time their employees spent shopping online this week and may be overlooking the security implications of this activity. Industry statistics...

/ December 2, 2011
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Has it really come down to a bag of chips?

A recent vending machine company had some of its POS systems compromised at waterparks in Wisconsin and Tennessee. This was a major breach…up to 40,000! Go figure. People can’t even buy some snacks or what not from a vending machine without having...

/ September 20, 2011
Security Faux Pas

Security Faux Pas

Organizations and the press do a pretty good job of keeping the average person aware of the latest big technology vulnerability or exploit.  And yet, we still see some common mistakes people make that could make them a susceptible to being exploited....

/ August 12, 2011
Too Extreme I dont think so. Tying security to compensation

Too Extreme? I don’t think so. Tying security to compensation.

A colleague of mine recently posted a blog about the Black Hats getting the job done and rightfully so. Hackers have been pillaging the countryside lately. How many company compromises have there been over the last 3 months? More than there should...

/ August 8, 2011
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Keep living in a fantasy world…

It will never happen to us. We know what we are doing. We are too small to be a target. Besides, we have a firewall, intrusion detection system and some really talented people in place to protect us from these so-called hackers....

/ July 11, 2011
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Don’t Panic Yet

The recent Lockheed Martin disclosure that it had thwarted a tenacious cyber-attack was an interesting headline, primarily because publicizing a failed attack is highly unusual.  More importantly, the “unauthorized” articles and leaks that appeared and pointed back to the theft of RSA...

/ June 7, 2011
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RSA SecurID Breach: Are Your Tokens Safe?

The news of a security breach at one of the world’s trusted security firms has raised concerns among companies across the globe. While RSA is not releasing the details around the breach at this time, which they have categorized as an “advanced...

/ March 21, 2011
P3 Cubed - Focus on the Basics Part III

P3 Cubed: Focus on the Basics Part III

From my previous discussions on the three P’s – Passwords, Patching and Ports, let’s talk finally about Ports. The Third P – Ports: Open TCP and UDP ports, especially open ports that are not required for business purposes, continue to be something...

/ January 21, 2011
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