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Casual woman inside a cafe downloading or sharing information with a smartphone . A lot of apps, media and other information flying out or into the phone

Harnessing Social Habits of Consumers using Analytics

A leading Insurance company used ZenSocial platform to create an effective go-to-market strategy for their wellness product in US and UK. ZenSocial is a big data platform that helps organizations generate contextual intelligence and create value from social media data. It can...

/ September 18, 2015
How can the Digital Retail enterprise avatar get you happier customers

How can the Digital Retail enterprise avatar get you happier customers?

“Customer is the king” is a well-known adage that has been the driving principle for brands to build their customer led initiatives with visible success levels. Today, in the context of the connected world, wherein customers are sharing their desires online, exchanging...

/ September 10, 2015
What makes UK retail stand out

What makes UK retail stand out?

UK Retail is the most vibrant, dynamic, exciting, competitive retail environment globally; in this blog, Zensar Retail Business Head, Andrew Busby, examines what are the trends & driving forces behind this and what this means for the industry. UK Retail leads the...

/ July 10, 2015
Retail Week Live

Retail Week Live

“To know your customer is to know why you are in business” 2 days, over 100 speakers, more than a 1,000 delegates – Retail Week Live was again the highlight in the retail calendar and Zensar was there to witness it all....

/ March 16, 2015
Zensars Connected Enterprise solutions at Retail Week Live.

Zensar’s Connected Enterprise solutions at Retail Week Live.

As the countdown to one of the UK’s most keenly-awaited retail events begins, there is plenty of anticipation afoot about the must-attend sessions. Sebastian James’ opening keynote is likely to be both eloquent and entertaining and a don’t miss for anyone interested...

/ February 18, 2015
Couple talking to a saleswoman at a furniture store and looking at option on a tablet computer - home deco concepts

Customer engagement in a digital world

We have been hearing a lot about how millennials will rule the retail roost in the coming years. Presently in their 20s and 30s, by 2020 they alone will drive over 30 % of US sales – which will exceed USD 1.2...

/ December 31, 2014
When Simplicity and Value for Money beat fancy analytics

When Simplicity and Value for Money beat fancy analytics

When Simplicity and Value for Money beat fancy analytics Lots of lessons to be learnt from Tesco’s fall from grace. Pretty much every big data and analytics presentation or story you heard in the retail world showcased TESCO as the gold standard....

/ November 20, 2014
Friends Huddle Join Holiday Party Group Concept

The Millennials Have Arrived

The Millennials Have Arrived Bold, brash, impatient, demanding…….are you ready for your new breed of customer? One who doesn’t conform, isn’t loyal, wants everything now and ultimately will destroy your brand if they don’t get what they want? Excite, engage, explore, expand...

/ October 29, 2014
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