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Innovation should be the buzzword for the IT industry, according to MN Vidyashankar, principal secretary, commerce and industry, IT, BT and science and technology.

Addressing a seminar on ‘Opportunities and challenges for IT and IT services companies in Karnataka,’ he said IT was no more just a game changer but an inevitable and integral part of businesses. “Car is no more a car but a chip on wheels, and aircraft is no more an aircraft but a chip on wings. Innovation should become the buzzword for the IT industry and we have to encourage budding entrepreneurs,’’ Vidyashankar said.

“There are more research and development centres and startups in Karnataka than in any other state. The need of the hour for the IT industry is to gear up for innovation on demand,” he said.
Vidyashankar said the state government wass committed for the development of the IT and IT services segment.

“The government is developing a 1,156-acre IT and ITeS industrial park and an 820-acre electronic hardware park near Bangalore International Airport (BIAL),’’ he said.

VR Ferose, managing director, SAP Labs India, said: “You never see innovation in isolation. Collaboration is vital as it provides an opportunity to exchange ideas.’’ He said the state government must create an environment for special economic zones and help entrepreneurs launch startups.

“The government should bring together technologies, venture capitalists, lawyers, designers and artists for the development of the IT industry. It should create an environment where startups focus only on creating product value. Instead of engineers, we need those who can design products,’’ he said.

Ganesh Natarajan, vice-chairman and chief executive officer of ZenSar Technologies, said IT services companies should focus on innovation.

“It firms have to categorise the needs of customers if they want to remain in the IT services domain,” Ganesh said.

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