This Magic Quadrant evaluates 20 service providers' capabilities to deliver Oracle application implementation and management services in North America.
Gartner’s “eight building blocks” are the essential elements application leaders need in planning, directing and evolving/developing successful digital workplace programs.
Service providers that are seeking sustainable growth need to consider automation as a key investment area.
Mergers and acquisitions are an important, strategic lever for enterprise growth. Successful acquirers capture the majority of targeted benefits in the first year after deal closure. Given their pivotal role in M&A execution, CIOs must understand how to accelerate post deal integration activities.
Strategic planners need to identify and address the opportunities and risks associated with the shift in IT spending due to the adoption of cloud computing. Providers must ensure they are the beneficiaries of cloud shift in order to minimize legacy revenue erosion and maximize cloud revenue growth.
Strategic adoption of PaaS is increasing, while PaaS vendors are continuing to innovate and introduce change. Application leaders responsible for architecture and infrastructure should understand cloud platform market trends to exploit them for competitive advantage.
As global commerce has grown in complexity, buyers and sellers have found it necessary to dramatically improve the tools they use to facilitate their interaction. While business-to-consumer (B2C) commerce seems to get more than its fair share of discussion and coverage, the reality is that the majority of commerce still happens between businesses as (B2B) commerce.
Digital Transformation and Unified IT Management provide a means to reduce and shift expenditures from the daily run to fund on transformation and growth – resulting in improved efficiencies, increased competitiveness, and faster Go-To-Market. Unified IT manages all layers of an enterprise’s IT: end user environment, network, and data center (including applications and platforms).
RPA over the years will see an evolving impact across not only back end applications but also across areas where some level of customer service is involved. This white paper takes a close look at business process optimisation through the lens of automated decision making and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
Mapping the end-users digital journey can help organizations reap benefits from a customer conversion, collaboration and cost saving standpoint. Technology innovation is transforming the way humans interact with machines. Innovation across a wide range of technology areas are delivering sophisticated methods and tools for effortless interactions towards obtaining the best User eXperience.
Outcome based models are designed to increase efficiency and measure the changes in output due to testing strategies/innovation. Outcome based testing model has gained dominance in the recent past due to its direct association and impact on the business of the organization. In this whitepaper, Frost & Sullivan focuses on various testing models, the significance of outcome based testing and its effectiveness to serve customers better.
With analytics and real time Unified IT Ops Dashboard views, service integration and management. ServiceEDGE™ can help reduce BAU cost by up to 30% and gets you ready for future business growth. ServiceEDGE™ is one of the most innovative integrated solutions available in the market. It drives operational efficiency, agility and flexibility of businesses through a collaborative platform which can drive synergies among the functions and service portfolios.
Legacy ERP systems can be an impediment to business growth and may cause inefficiencies that can cost enterprises and it is crucial to upgrade at the right time. Whether it is implementing an on premise ERP system or hybrid system, Frost & Sullivan believes that having the right partner can be crucial in helping organizations modernize their legacy infrastructure to serve them better in the future.
Powerful Marketing Cloud Tools can Unleash Hidden Productivity and Improve the Customer’s Experience. Marketing Cloud Platforms allow organizations to be creative, relevant, and effective in approaching the customer. In this whitepaper, current gaps in customer experience management are highlighted and the significance of the marketing cloud comprising specific tools to satisfy different customer needs.
Creating a digital experience strategy is the first step towards building a strong foundation for all digital commerce initiatives. Zensar has been partner to several organizations on their Experience Management initiatives. Zensar Digital Commerce provides best-in-class e-Commerce, search, guided navigation, and experience manager, all under one roof.
eCommerce has become an integral part of many industries and is a source of revenue for most of them. Websites are used for carrying out business transactions in almost all industries; from banking, retail to travel and entertainment. With effective rush hour testing, the rush in online traffic and transactions can be effectively converted to increased revenue.
In today’s dynamic business scenario, companies are constantly transforming the way they manage business assets, employees, and their customers. The need for real-time information for faster decision making processes as well as managing remote employees and individual workers is essential. Enterprises demand a more intelligent workplace management technique to enable Smarter Workplaces.

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