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Environment Initiatives

As a responsible member of the industry, we are fully aware that businesses need to play a proactive role not just in terms of minimizing their carbon footprint, but also in finding solutions for sustainability. Zensar’s `green agenda’ is aimed at ensuring a better, healthier and safer tomorrow.

So what does `going green’ really mean for Zensar?

Going green – the Zensar way…
From creating a green organization through initiatives like power conservation to providing energy efficient solutions like server virtualization, Zensar continues to maintain a strong environment focus. It has been catalyzing associate awareness through environment consciousness campaigns that extend to the homes and families of Zensar associates – in the process, multiplying the environment conservation efforts. Our green initiatives encompass practices like waste management, cycle rallies, plant adoption drives and a reduction in the organization’s carbon footprint.

As part of its Environment Sustainability initiatives, Zensar Foundation has developed a Biodiversity Park close to its office premises in Pune, in partnership with the Pune Municipal Corporation.

Udaan Biodiversity Park
The 2 acre Udaan Biodiversity Park includes diverse flora and walking trails with informative signages for the benefit of students and visitors. The park, consisting of about 65 different medicinal, flowering and aromatic plants as well as water body is brought together in myriad patches to allow organisms to thrive and grow. The park also includes a rock garden, well-developed useful plants’ garden, and a butterfly garden which will collectively inspire people to think about eco-conservation and gene-pool restoration.

The park has been developed by specialists and biodiversity experts with active participation from Zensarians, who have worked over weekends in removing boulders and rocks and turning this barren, rocky land into a small ecosystem where various kinds of species can flourish. Special care has been taken to preserve the natural ecology of the land by utilizing elements such as wood and thatch; and some of the boulders that were embedded in on the ground have either been left in their natural place or been used in the Pond/ Waterfall.

In addition to being a breathing space for the city, the park is an educational platform for children and an oasis for young and old to relax and rejuvenate. Udaan Biodiversity Park was inaugurated on 21st Sept 2012 by Adv Vandana Chavan who mentioned: “There is an urgent need to protect and increase the green cover in the city, making projects like this an absolute must. The only way to combat environmental degradation is through awareness and initiatives like this which will help people understand that protecting and preserving the environment is the priority for a growing city like Pune”.

Overall, the company’s efforts are focused on preserving and regenerating the environment. Our eco-friendly initiatives include:

  • Efficient management of e-waste
  • `Carbon Calculator’ for Zensarians to help them calculate their individual carbon footprint
  • Environment consciousness campaigns that extended to the homes and families of Zensar associates to institutionalise the environment conservation efforts
  • Consciousness within the organization to conserve energy – reducing electricity consumption through the use of staircase, switching lights off when not required and planned AC usage
  • An ecologically designed building that conserves energy with facilities such as rain water-harvesting, water-recycling plant, vermi-composte pit etc.
  • Building the `Green IT proposition’ by the IM practice of Zensar, for customers
  • Global Warming awareness sessions for Zensarians, as well as the community
  • Children’s Awareness Program to spread the message of environment conservation

Green Buildings
As an integral part of designing the buildings in the Pune Zensar campus, we have taken care and implemented various energy and water conservation techniques such as:

  • Installation of air cooled intelligent HVAC system which results in low energy consumption and no water consumption
  • Double walled construction of air-conditioned halls for excellent thermal insulation and reduction of load on air conditioning
  • Installation of weight sensitive elevators which translate into energy saving in case of operations below rated capacity
  • CFL light fittings for low power consumption
  • Use of motion sensors for energy savings
  • Maximum utilization of natural light
  • State of art BMS for real time monitoring of energy consumption
  • Installation of drip irrigation for water conservation
  • Installation of sensors for urinals for low water consumption
  • Waste water recycling for flushing and garden usage
  • Roof top rain water as well as storm water has been used for ground water recharge
  • Use of paver blocks for all internal roads & parking spaces, which help in storm water seepage into the ground
  • Use of recycled material where ever possible e.g. particle board furniture for work stations & storage furniture
  • Least ground coverage and maximum utilization of open areas for tree plantation, shrubs and lawns which has resulted in erosion and sedimentation control
  • Use of canteen waste & garden waste for vermi-composting and use as fertilizer for landscaped areas
  • Use of environment friendly gas (Inergen) for fire suppression system in data centre

Power Saving Initiatives
Zensar Technologies is committed to following good environment sustenance practices, and in this context, it is committed to reducing power consumption, including electricity and diesel, by 3% year on year. In addition, the wet waste which is produced, is utilized for the bio-gas plant housed within the Zensar campus.

Some of the power saving measures are:

  • Running of air conditioners only during office hours from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Common temperature settings of 24°C for all halls; this also depends on time zone & ambient temperature
  • Switching off all spot lights
  • Sensor based lighting for halls and the parking area
  • Ceiling fans in the cafeteria instead of air conditioners
  • Switching off water coolers, tea machines etc. after office hours and during weekends

The engineers from the electricity board have also appreciated Zensar’s efforts towards power conservation and they have confirmed that there is less power demand received from Zensar. This has helped us achieve a significant amount of power savings for all locations.


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