Unnati is an employability program for underprivileged youth. The program runs in the central location of Swargate, Pune so as to make it convenient and accessible to all youth in the city. Any youth who is from an underprivileged background is welcome to join the program. There are no minimum qualifications required for the same. The program assures job readiness within a span of 50 days of training. The training pertains to three main area- Retail, Administrative services and Hospitality.

The unique aspect of the Unnati program is that placements are guaranteed for the youth who complete the course. In fact, the program that has been running since January 2014 has had a track record of 100% placement for all 200 youth graduates who wanted employment.

The satisfaction of employers with regard to the students being trained at Unnati has been very positive. Employers source Unnati graduates at their organizations batch after batch. Recently, a student from the 1st batch called Ravi Shelke has been given the “Best Employee” award in the month of November by West side, where he has been employed after the course. His dedication and hard work have set him apart from the rest, values he acknowledges to have gained through the training received at Unnati. Two girl students from the 5th batch have been employed by Zensar Foundation, thus demonstrating the Foundation’s belief in the efficacy of the program.

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