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Corporate Social Responsibility

An organization can no longer be defined only by the quantum of its bottomline but by the way it generates profits, the concerns it shows for people and its contribution to the planet. At Zensar, this triple bottomline approach is in alignment with organizational values comprising Customer Centricity, Commitment to People and Community, Continuous Innovation and Excellence. Zensar Foundation has been established as a separate entity to directly engage with communities. A pan-Zensar volunteering framework has been put in place. We believe that the triple bottomline approach is the only way of ensuring sustainable and complete success.

CSR approach

Zensar Foundation, an independent trust operating under Zensar Technologies, leads the company’s social outreach programs. Zensar Foundation is committed to improving the overall wellbeing of communities living in the cities where Zensar is located. Read more

CSR initiatives

Zensar believes in the triple bottomline approach that aims to bring about progress not only in profits but also with people and the planet. Zensar Foundation works on the People and Planet planks and is engaged in a number of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives directed at Community Development, Employability Enhancement and Environment Sustenance. Read more

CSR Policy

As a responsible business corporation, Zensar takes pride in being socially committed and focused on building sustainable and effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. There is a defined CSR strategy, projects and monitoring mechanisms in place. Read more

CSR Media

Zensar Foundation’s initiatives and projects have been covered by the local media from time to time. Read more


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